Forest Breathing #4 – 35 x 55 matted to 40 x 60″

Some of my recent work is currently on display at Friesen Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho. Two of the paintings have trees as their subject, trees being a long-time love and concern for me. The Forest Breathing series represents my prayerful intention for the health of the forest, and by extension, for the planet.

SMINK Art and Design has opened a new show titled “Unpacking Paper” that includes some of the small paintings I composed in the last year. These were such a pleasure to make and I’m glad to be sharing them with the wonderful Smink sisters!

Shift Poem #2, 16 x 21″

Shift Poem #2, one of the small works that came out of the covid quiet time, is now at SMINK Art and Design in Dallas for their works on paper show. It has been fascinating to work at this small scale. It puts the focus on details in the paint “application,” which is not applied at all but simply allowed to settle into colored pools on the paper and then cut into pieces. Getting the balance right in something that invites very close viewing is a challenge I enjoy. A tiny shift in placement can mean the success or failure of the piece.

This painting, Mineral Roses, from 2018, recently sold at Friesen Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho. The painting is 40 x 44″, watercolor on layered translucent Yupo paper, attached to a white mat with thread, and is one of the last of a series of healing paintings from my journey to clear breast cancer and grief.

Thank-you, Team Friesen, for your appreciation of my work, your loyalty, honesty and support for the arts!!

Etude “I”

I have recently been using leftover pieces from larger work to make very small paintings, only 9″ high and of various widths. This puts the focus on details of dried paint flow, and voila – some rather powerful little compositions. So now I’m addicted to finding intriguing details in scraps and playing with combining them into full-blown statements.

An unexpected result of focusing on details is the seeming monumentality of these paintings. They are not small in visual impact.

I’ve matted them to 15 x whatever inches, and six of the first Etudes are currently hanging at Gebert Contemporary on Canyon Road in Santa Fe.

title wall from my show in Dallas

SMINK, Inc, in Dallas is showing some of my “vintage” paintings. I’m honored to be having another exhibit with them. In this time of covid the gallery is open by appointment only, but apparently that is not stopping collectors from stopping in. Here are a few photos of the hanging:

Today I want to post some paintings from the period when I was focused on healing my heart (grief) and my body (cancer). In my experience, focusing on color and imagery can have powerful benefits, and certainly an immersion in these warm, compassionate compositions supports feeling nurtured and supported. Wavelengths (vibrations) of color directly impact our personal vibration. Try it! Largest screen you have. Let me know how you feel.

Garden of Healing #1
Lily/Heart/Memory #2

This is a selection from the past two years of work. All the paintings are watercolor and thread on layered translucent Yupo paper (a synthetic paper) on white mat board and framed in white painted wood frames. The sizes range from 41 x 34″ to 41 x 61″ framed, and prices range from $5,500 to $10,600.

Please click on any image to start a slideshow.

Lily/Heart/Memory, 2018, 40 x 53″ – watercolor and thread on layered translucent Yupo paper

The Lady Minimalists have been to Tulsa, where we installed a group show at ahha Tulsa, also known Hardesty Center. The six of us, all from New Mexico, have been meeting together monthly for eight years now. We have formed deep, supportive friendships and a shared aesthetic that really shows up in this exhibit. So here are some photos of the space and the reception.

The Lady Minimalists are Shaun Gillmore; sculpture, Signe Stuart: paper constructions, Jill Christian; acrylic paintings, Janice Wall; mixed-media prints, and Danielle Shelley; oil paintings and stitchery, plus myself. For more information on the show you can go to

Mineral Roses/for Lena, 41 x 44″

It’s time for another beautiful group show at Gebert Contemporary in Santa Fe. I’ll have a few new paintings up, including this one, Mineral Roses/for Lena. Lena was my paternal grandmother, who was ill and dying by the time I was old enough to remember her. She had immigrated from Sweden and married a cousin, Marcus Sorgman, my grandfather. From what I know of her life, it was marked with illness and poverty, although she did have three children and many cousins living nearby. I painted some (abstract) gardens to honor her memory and retroactively gift her with roses.

The reception for the Gebert show will be on Friday evening, July 5, from 5 to 7:00. I’ll be there, and if you are in Santa Fe, please come by!

Gebert Contemporary – 558 Canyon Road

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