Castalia #2 When Smink in Dallas asked for some smaller paintings in the Nymphs series, I knew I was in for a challenge.  One can’t simply take a process that works well at a certain size and miniaturize it. For one thing, in my paintings the paint will always flow and pool at the same scale.  It just behaves that way on the Yupo, and I can’t do much about it.  For another thing, what has visual impact at one size may not at another.  And, the relationship between the scale of the paint flow pattern and the circles grid  is critical.  A couple of years ago I tried painting very small circles – half an inch diameter – in a grid but this somehow inhibited the flow of paint.  Also, although we have all gotten very used to seeing small reproductions of paintings and imagining them to be larger, physical size really does matter in the way our bodies, our eyes and musculature, relate to what we see.

I decided to use a range of circle sizes and to cut pieces out of large painted sheets, then combine them in almost a collage process.  I have to say, although I love the four that eventually got finished, they did not come together as easily as the full-size Nymph paintings.  Lots of struggle and decisions.  But perhaps some new directions have emerged here.