Connie Rohde is showing my acrylic-on-Dura-lar paintings in a two-person exhibit at The C Gallery in Los Alamos, CA.  Connie is a long-time friend and patron of the arts.  Our connection goes back to 1986, when she was director of Arts Outreach in the Santa Ynez Valley, and sponsored me for  two California Artist In Residence Grants to work in the schools there.  Gallerista is her third professional incarnation (since I’ve known her, anyway!), her second being an award-winning high school teacher.  If you go to see this show, Connie will surely engage you in a conversation about the paintings, about art, about life.  Her gallery is a delightful outpost of fine art in rural wine country California.

Titled Metal Powder and Dura-lar, the two-person show also features Lawrence Abrahamsen’s paintings.  The C Gallery is on Bell Street on Los Alamos, tel. 805-344-3807.