Northern New Mexico received more rain, and grew more lush this year, than in any summer that we have seen before.  All the little trees that we planted years ago and have tended so faithfully were suddenly taller, fuller objects on the land.  Our whole view, and certainly the closeness of our garden, appeared dressed in variations of green that I associate with the East.  Those greens followed me into the studio and onto the paintings.  May, June and July were given over to experiments with olive, forest, lettuce, lime and indescribable greens.

This small painting displays the colors of new pinon pine needles on a good year.  It’s dense and many-layered, like looking into the tree itself.  And also like looking into the tree, I hope it  evokes feelings of fresh, abundant life.   The painting is being framed to ship to Dallas, where it should arrive by mid-October, an emissary from another season.