I never posted the completed painting that was created in the slideshow (Studio Shots by Turner).  Here it is.  In its final form, Pinon measures 35 x 55″, unframed.  It’s full of all the luscious greens that were so captivating in June and are now memories.  Many sheets of translucent polypropylene were painted and layered to give a sense of depth, of actually looking into a tree, altho this remains an abstract painting, not tethered to an image of any actual tree.  Maybe for you it does not evoke a tree at all, but simply looks like itself, a lively field of green paint.

In other words, the pinon tree is not the meaning of the painting.  The pinon tree, with its color and myriad needles, is the inspiration and jumping-off point for the artist, who has translated that inspiration into certain sensations and feelings.  One hopes that those sensations and feelings are then communicated through the medium of the painting in its particular array of form, color and construction.