Here are photos of our booth at the art fair, courtesy of Paula Roland.  From left to right, that’s my painting, Chi Gong #2, then 2 collaged prints by Janice Wall, an oil by Diane McGregor, back-lit encaustics by Paula, an oil by Danielle Shelley and mixed media by Shaun Gilmore.

The Lady Minimalists Tea Society evolved from friendships among our seven members in order to promote our artwork, which has similar groundings in minimalist aesthetics.  Our name is tongue-in-cheek but we are all experienced artists with decades of studio work and exhibition history behind us.  We meet every month at someone’s studio to discuss work and sip tea.

The LMTS had a great weekend at the fair, meeting and greeting old friends and new.  If you stopped by, thanks for coming, and if you didn’t, we missed you!