We’re driving a cargo van full of paintings to Friesen Gallery in Sun Valley for my solo show there, which opens Saturday, May 25th.  One of the new paintings is LiquidStack #7, shown above.  I’m particularly excited about this show because it opens in conjunction with the annual Wellness Festival in Sun Valley, a multi-day event that draws a large crowd of folks who might be drawn to the peaceful, flowing qualities of my work.  In fact, Ketchum/New York based dancer Kaley Pruitt will be performing a piece in response to my paintings at the reception. I can’t wait to see what she makes of my work! Kaley is scheduled to dance at 6:15, so if you are in Sun Valley, please come by to see her.

I often describe my work as a dance with paint. The first moves are mine, as I brush on the fluid watercolor. Then the paint takes off on its own, flowing and settling according to its properties. Finally, I respond to the dried sheets of paint as I arrange them into a composition.

To view the paintings in the Friesen exhibit, click on the link to the gallery from the list on your left. At the gallery website, click on “artists,” then Dara Mark, then scroll down to see the individual works.