Caritas:Peony 300dpi

Caritas/Peony is the first of my new series of paintings in warm hues of red, peach and yellow.  Exploring this end of the color spectrum feels fresh and inviting, like entering a secret garden that has been growing behind a wall all along.  So many flowers blossom there: lilies and roses and peonies and lilacs and maybe some intensely magenta cholla cactus like the ones that grow in my yard and bloom in the heat of summer.

Caritas /Peony measures 41 x 61″ in its white frame.  It’s part of my current show at SMINK Art and Design in Dallas, where I’ve been exhibiting since 2009.  The show should be up through June, so if you are in Dallas, please go see.

While I was in town for the reception I fed my soul with visits to the Dallas Museum of Art, the Crowe Collection of Asian Art, and the Nasher sculpture garden.  I saw wonderful things, including the large The Two Friedas, Kahlo’s double portrait. A deep blue column by Ann Truitt, an intriguing Martin Puryear sculpture and an elegant small vertical painting by Jackson Pollack all caught my attention at the DMA.  Best of all was wandering the Nasher garden in the cool of morning.  The design of the garden allows the sculpture  to breathe freely in natural surroundings, and the trees seem to be responding to the art.

Then, on to Fort Worth to see my two paintings hanging in the new Neiman Marcus store there.  I blogged about this sale a few months ago.  Thanis #16 has been hung on the far wall of a short corridor.  It looks wonderful on textured gray wallpaper.  Chi Gong #14 is placed in the hustle and glitter of the first floor showroom, along with work by Frank Stella, a couple of Matisse serigraphs, and works by Texas artists.  So gratifying to see my paintings honored in this way.