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Every once in a while someone says something about my work that absolutely floors me, and I know  I’ve succeeded in what I set out to do, which is to present the beauty of being.  Recently, Devon Lind wrote that “it’s as though the fabric of the universe is woven through your work.”   Thank-you so much, Devon, for putting into words what I have a hard time saying.   This painting, Driftwood #1, seems the perfect expression of her idea, with its vertical rhythms and horizontal visual flow.

Chi Gong #4
With color as soft as a breath, Chi Gong #4 embodies the flowing energies of chi. Just looking at it helps me breathe more deeply and freely. But you don’t have to understand the concept of chi to “get” this painting; its expansive vertical flow and airy blues are there for anyone to feel. Or simply enjoy its beauty in a visual way. This is my gift to you, posted just before Christmas.

Friesen Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho, will present the work of David Anderson, Danae Falliers, Larry Fodor, Rocky Lewycky and myself, opening August 6th.  Larry, who has been showing with the gallery for some time, chose the artists for their contemplative or reductive aesthetic.  I am pleased and honored to be invited to show with Larry and the other very fine artists.

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